A New Journey

Hey There,

Thank you for starting this journey with me. In this blog, I hope to keep a running record of my adventures in the District of Columbia as I know it (or recall it) as well as provide some little tips and tricks to navigate the increasingly complex and interwoven social scene here without entirely dispensing the contents of your wallet.

In addition, I am also here to share some photography and mention current issues concerning art, politics, and dc life that I find intriguing – and hopefully, so will you.

I’m ready to get frugal and fabulous here in the district. Let’s do it, live it and love it.

Most fabulously,



One thought on “A New Journey

  1. tealhaze says:


    I’m new to the district and stumbled upon your profile. I really like some of the blogs you wrote and thought you could maybe write about some of the fun experiences there are to have in dc. You share some really interesting thoughts about life and disagree, but agree, on some of them.

    All the best,

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