Passion of Italia


So sorry to have been absent the past two days. Last night, I managed to get to the Italian Embassy right on time for the Goodwill Fashion show. The evening started off with a real life Punk’d moment, as I planned to take a dazzling photograph in front of a Roman statue to document my adventures. I was posing for about two seconds when she popped her eyes wide open, pursed her lips, and practically scared the living daylight out of me.  I am visibly still shaking in the picture (see left clenched-fist).Image

I knew that Goodwill was a wonderful cause that educated and trained the disadvantaged and disabled, but I had no idea that the clothes it sold were so cute! When you see Ralph Lauren for $15.95, you start to think you’ve been spending way too much on clothing.

By the way, if you were wondering, the kugel turned out marvelously and was a hit at the break-fast! Needless to say, Grammie Temi was proud and I saved some dignity after slaving away in the kitchen all afternoon.

Stay tuned for an update of this weekend’s frugal & fabulous activities in a bit!

Staying Fabulous,



2 thoughts on “Passion of Italia

  1. Annette Feller says:

    I am a definite fan of Fabulous Maranda who is doing an excellent job in reporting fabulous events that our free…I wish I lived in DC…

  2. Annette Feller says:

    You look Fabulous!

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