Freezing and Fabulous

can you believe how cold it is outside? It’s like we completely skipped fall and now we’re on to winter. This weekend I had the pleasure of spending time with my dad and step-mom and some friends in New York City. That city really is amazing, but there’s things about DC that you really miss. Like clean streets. And the metro. And actual happy people :).

I’m really excited this week to chill out. Last Friday, I went to Don Patron’s Theatres de Vampires party (which raises money to kids in Haiti). As you can see below, I went as a vampire and found Abe Lincoln, vampire slayer. Needless to say, a picture was in order.

Abe Lincoln Vampire Slayer and the Vampire

Me and Abe Lincoln at Don Patron’s Theatres de Vampires Party

On Thursday, we went to Pulse’s Paint the Town Red party at the Meridian House, which was a lot of fun. I’m used to wearing red dresses since my sorority, Alpha Phi, always had our annual Red Dress Gala. Don’t let those pretty dresses go to waste!

Stay warm and stay tuned for dressing up your apartment for Halloween!




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