A Bunch of Malarkey

I thought that the Vice-Presidential debate went extremely well for the Obama-Biden ticket last night. Overall, Mr. Biden was able to provide transparency into the political process, something that had been missing from the last debate. I felt that Biden spoke up for the middle class and the elderly and was able to convey simple truths concerning the differences between the way each side views America. 

When it came to foreign policy, Biden shed some light on the administration’s efforts to deter Iran from obtaining the capacity to build a nuclear weapon. Ryan tried to point out how Congress was able to pass sanctions despite Obama trying to prevent it. Biden countered, explaining how it was important for them to have international support for these sanctions instead of going it alone, the big bad Bush way. I though he defended the administration’s decisions very well and felt convinced that if Iran was making moves to build a weapon, there would be enough intelligence to shut it all down.

Many perceived Biden as being condescending towards Ryan, but I took it as a strength that we had not seen from Obama in the last debate. Furthermore, he had the drive to refute all of the points against the administration that simply weren’t true and pointed out math that didn’t add up. This is all malarkey. You know it, I know it, and the American people know it. 

What did you think of last night’s debate? I would love to hear.  



One thought on “A Bunch of Malarkey

  1. Annette Feller says:

    I agree Biden came off very strong. As far as pro-life, I feel the government should not be involved. This is a personal issue and women should have the right to decide weather to have an abortion or not.

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