Time to Get Spooky

This weekend, it actually felt like the fall we have learned to love in the District. Yesterday was by all accounts a perfect Sunday. Woke up, had a bloody mary at the new Maddy’s Taproom down the street, and went for a long, beautiful walk. Hours later, I came home exhausted from a Smithsonian museum tour and had a nice quiet evening in.

Living in the city means that money goes quickly. There’s no getting around it. Food in the district is just really expensive. That’s why I try to make sure my activities unrelated to food are less damaging to my budget (especially when I treated myself to a couple cocktails the night before).
My one outstanding conclusion for Sunday afternoons?
Museum dates are the bomb.

This is a must-see exhibit at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Fashion + Female Rock Stars = Fab

I’m telling you. Movies are more expensive than ever and in my opinion, worse than ever. Plus, you can’t talk during a movie and why should we shut our fabulous selves in a dark cave for two hours when we can be walking outside in the fresh air and exploring the galleries? And who knows, you might meet someone!
Try it! You’ll live it, you’ll love it.

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