Hey my friends,

I have just been thinking lately how lucky I am to be here. I know we don’t typically reflect on this very often since unfortunately the bad things are easier to spot than the good. This morning, I settled in at work with my earl grey tea and steel cut oatmeal and found the following quote on Google+:

Negative thinkers are those who find difficulty in every opportunity. Positive thinkers are those who find opportunity in every difficulty.

For many years, I was a completely negative thinker. Instead of asking how, I was always asking why. My New Year’s resolution for 2012 was and is to try to be a Yes person as much as possible. It wasn’t so much a difficulty in physically getting myself to do something as it was a conversion in the way I think and view the world.

When I started this Yes philosophy, my whole interactions with people changed. People were happier to see me, I found myself giving better and more genuine advice, and I had a stronger sense of self than ever before. The mind is indeed powerful, and when you say to yourself that you not only can do something, but that you will do it? My friends, there in lies all the difference.

As always, there is no limit to how fabulous we can be. It’s all on the inside so don’t shield yourself from the world. Let it out! I challenge you to say Yes today. If nothing else, it feels way better than saying no.

Peace, Love, and F&F


Thought of the Day: Say Yes!


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