I cannot tell you all how long I’ve waited to read the headline “Power Flats Challenge High Heels.” I don’t care how sexy, sophisticated, or impressive high heels are. In my book, they are much more trouble than they’re worth. They scuff easily, hurt my feet for weeks, and try as I must, my clumsy side triumphs over my graceful side time after time.

If you’re like me, girls, we are in for a treat! According to The Wall Street Journal, power flats are in for 2013 and I’m planning on jumping that gun. Purchasing shoes is sometimes viewed as an investment but I walk weird so my shoes wear out a lot faster than normal. In any case, I try not to spend more than $70 on a pair of nice shoes.

I’m really liking the ‘Guidebook Flat’ by Kenneth Cole right now since the sparkles dress up the shoe for work or going out without overstating your outfit. Black is the optimal color: it won’t get dirty and it’ll match everything.


Kenneth Cole Women’s ‘Guide Book’ Flats

The best part: $38 on Overstock.com with free shipping and free returns.

Foot Happy and Fabulous,



2 thoughts on “FABULOUS FLATS!

  1. Annette Feller says:

    Smart decision as you certainly don’t want to have problems with your lovely feet as you get older. Instead of a heel, heel, I wear Born or Jamba which has a wedge and so comfy

  2. marandabrett says:

    Those brands are great and also can be found for under $50 at DSW.com. Check out these cute ones, which would be great for spring and summer! http://www.dsw.com/shoe/born+women%27s+pascha+wedge?prodId=257901&productRef=SEARCH

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