Fabulous Youuuuu

Whenever I move into a new place, I have a few rituals that I realized over the years. I’m the kind of person who needs to put up pictures and wall hangings up before I even think about organizing my furniture. To me, it just won’t make sense without establishing that sense of home. Another ritual I have is making my place a reflection of where I want to be.

This year’s theme? The beach. Ever since I could remember, I have loved the beach. Growing up in Westport, CT, I used to bike to the beach as a kid and play on the playground until dusk. Now as an adult, I visit my family in Hermosa Beach, CA and just enjoy those beautiful rays walking by the water.

The beach is and has always been a reminder of home, so that is what I have endeavored to decorate my apartment with. My color scheme is brown, light blue, and beige and my furniture has a nautical theme, compliments of IKEA, the furniture deal of the century.

For a housewarming gift, my mother sent me a gorgeous vase filled with sand and shells from  the Westport beach of my childhood. I arranged the vase on top of a mirror base on my coffee table and placed candles and a shell necklace surrounding it.


This simple fixture in my apartment helps to pull my theme together but also makes me feel truly home. If you haven’t already, explore your creative side and find innovative ways to make your apartment a reflection of a truly fabulous you.


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