February Chill


Long winded are the chilling and dreary days of February. It’s enough to make you plead for Spring with all your heart and soul and might. Chief groundhog says we’ll be out of this mess in six short weeks…but why does the shortest month of the year always feel the longest?

I apologize for the brief hiatus as I have been transitioning into another job within the DC area. I’ve learned that my type-A personality actually can be put to good use in the professional world. And I’m not the only one!

Imagining a world without Valentines Day seems a little unrealistic so I suppose I will have to post about some anti- and pro- V Day parties soon. Always welcoming your input so feel free to speak up!

In honor of all that is strength and this world, and due to Audi’s inspiring Superbowl commercial, and finally, because we all need a little bit this time of year, February’s theme is BRAVERY.

Live it, love it…Fabulously.


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