Fabulous Weekends: Ice Skating and Geo Nerds

Welcome to the weekend once again! So happy to be lounging around the district before all of the inauguration craziness begins. Remember in 2009 when everyone bought all of their germs to the first Obama Inauguration and we were left all sickly afterwards? Combat the illnesses! Vitamin C, Flu shots, etc, do what you gotta do!

Okay, so this weekend the Washington Harbor is in full-swing for ice-skating. I’ve never been but it’s supposed to be quite fun. Click here for hours and special events for the weekend.

Tomorrow afternoon, NatGeo is hosting their 125th Birthday Party. Stop by their building downtown to get photos, cupcakes, and a special viewing of their current exhibits. Might be fun for a day date…

Let me know if you guys know of anything else fun going on in DC this weekend. Otherwise, I just might go for a double-feature movie day to prep for Golden Globes and Oscar Season! Fabulously – Maranda

How to Live in Washington DC

How to Live in Washington DC

When I read this thought catalog piece this morning, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself about how much of it was true. Having been in the District for over 5 years now, I have lived through these experiences and continue to have these moments every day. Working on the hill, getting jaded by the political scene, feeling unimportant and small and still at rather poignant moments, feeling inspired and hopeful for the future. This place is anything but consistent and this stream of consciousness says it all. 

Loud Noises in the Sky

Hey f&F lovers! did you happen to notice the wretched helicopter zig-zagging over Northwest DC yesterday? According to CNN, the National Nuclear Safety Administration is conducting a two-week scan of the capital to capture natural radiological readings in the area which will help detect abnormal signs of activity. Essentially, “dirty bombs” or an atom bomb that leaves radioactive contamination, could be detected from a helicopter.

Just another reason why DC residents can sleep soundly at night…if we had to. 


Contain-Her Madness

Hello you lovely lovely people! I’m back with some fun ideas to help us all get a little kick-start to our spring clean a la Container Store. A few days ago, I wrote a new years post revealing my newfound inspiration to reduce clutter at my place and find some peace of mind with low cost. It doesn’t have to be tedious or expensive – I’m serious you guys this store is awesome. Check out some ideas below:


Sexy Sleek Jewelry Hanger – Find Similar Here


Scarf Hanger – cute and convenient


Essential Makeup Organizer – looks gorgeous on your bathroom sink


Kiva Rectangular Bins – Catalogue your DVD collection, books, you name it!

Happy f&F shopping!!

Happy 2013!

Welcome everyone to the New Year! During my extra-long break from reality in Hermosa Beach, I was wondering what I could work on in 2013. I don’t necessarily like making resolutions, since we all know how those burn out. Instead, I am trying to incorporate more elements of my own style into everyday life. 

My style for January is organization. To get a jump on spring cleaning, I’m using this month to make my things easy to find, and better yet, aesthetically pleasing. I spent a lovely morning in El Segundo falling in love all over again with The Container Store. Seriously the best ever. Photos will be up soon!

Put those smiles on for the new year. Happy organizing!

Happy Awkward Time Before New Years!

As we ride the wave towards the New Year, I hope everyone has had some fun times with their families and is preparing for the epicness that is 2013. 2012 has been truly good to me and I think this year is going to be a great one. 

Do you guys have any New Year’s Resolutions yet? I’m not a big fan of them since I believe we should try to be our best selves year-round and most resolutions (like dieting and exercise) die out by mid-February. Still, it’s important to set goals and get motivated, so let me know what your planning for the New Year! Stay tuned for an update of some sweet NYE parties going on in the district.